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'G A Henty 1832-1902. Some Biographical Essays'

by Ann J King          

A lifetime of original research by the late Ann  King, is captured in this recently published  companion volume to Peter Newbolt's Bibliography. See Biography & Publications pages.

George Alfred HentyThe Henty Society was founded in 1977 by four English enthusiasts to bring together others from around the world who shared a mutual interest in George Alfred Henty (1832-1902), author of historical adventures for young readers. Our learned society encourages research into Henty’s life and writings, brings together like minded people and publishes its findings in Bulletins, issued three times a year.   

A lifetime of travelling coupled with a vivid imagination formed the backbone of Henty’s writing. This became apparent to his children at an early age as he honed his story telling skills, and friends persuaded him to publish the tales. He wrote two war histories from first hand observation, some novels and numerous historical adventures for young readers. He wrote short stories, essays and articles for periodicals, magazines and anthologies.

Collection of Henty Books

Under the auspices of the Society the Henty Trust was set up in 1997 to be guardians of a growing collection of Henty books, artifacts and memorabilia. The Trustees have purchased copies of his works and at auction have bought some of his letters.

Henty’s books are of great interest historically, fascinating to read and highly collectible. Our website seeks to open up the world of Henty and introduce you to the benefits of membership.

Should you be looking for the value of a book or collection please note the Society is unable to provide valuations.